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HIC celebrated its annual General Assembly (GA) on October 16, in Quito. 157 individuals, 74 of them representing HIC's member organizations - social and human rights movements, civil society and grass-roots organisations and academia, among others - coming from 26 countries and all regions, joined HIC’s General Assembly.
Date published: 11-28-2016

This publication was launched at the HIC General Assembly held in Quito, during Habitat III.

Date published: 12-09-2016
This publication was presented and distributed at HIC General Assembly, GPR2C booth at Habitat III and GPR2C activities in Quito.

Date published: 12-01-2016
Nubians Stage Open-ended Sit-in on the Road to their Original Villages
Source: The Egyptian Center for Civil and Legislative Reform
Statement of the Egyptian Center for Civil and Legislative Reform

Date published: 11-22-2016
10 November 2016 One month after the Governor of Lagos State went to the media announcing the Lagos State Government’s intention to demolish "shanties” along waterfronts across the state – and just days after the Lagos State High Court issued an injunction restraining the same – the Nigerian Police Force and Lagos State Government have moved into Otodo Gbame community in full force. In the early morning hours of 9 October 2016, a gang of boys with reported ties to the...

Date published: 11-22-2016
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