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First draft of HIC agenda during Habitat III
Source: Habitat International Coalition
We invite our Members, Friends and Allies to join HIC's activities inside and outside the Habitat III Conference.
Date published: 08-25-2016

We need more voices from across the globe to make us heard: please sign now our Global Call and share #SupportRight2City to show to world leaders that we need REAL, STRONG and CONCRETE commitments from the New Urban Agenda.

Date published: 08-10-2016
HIC at WSF 2016
Source: Habitat International Coalition
Habitat International Coalition (HIC), represented by Lorena Zárate, HIC's President and Shivani Chaudry, HIC-HLRN South Asia's (HIC HLRN SA) Executive Director, is involved in several initiatives during the World Social Forum 2016.

Date published: 08-09-2016
With the participation of Shivani Chaudry, HIC-HLRN South Asia's (HIC HLRN SA) Executive Director.

Date published: 08-08-2016
2016 Olympic Games: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see
Source: Leticia Osorio, Ford Foundation
Unfilled promises for Rio's ‪O‎lympics 2016‬ mimic the disorganization and corruption from the 2014 World Cup. Both games brought promises of meaningful transformations for Rio’s citizens, but instead ended up violating human rights, increasing public debt, and concentrating expensive infrastructure mostly in developed neighborhoods.

Date published: 08-05-2016
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