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Date published: 04-25-2017

Letter to HIC Members in the Africa region

Date published: 04-21-2017
Portland. Nature of Cities Summit: Exploring Paths to Collaboration on Green Cities
Source: Urban Greenspaces Institute, The Bullitt Foundation, The Nature of Cities, and Portland State University Institute for Sustainable Solutions
With the participation of Lorena Zárate, HIC President.

Date published: 04-20-2017
We do not believe that the purpose of this militia is to fight crime. It is clear to us that the purpose of this militia will be to use violence and intimidation to repress free political activity in these wards. We call upon all democrats to join us in opposing this militia and to take a clear stand for the rights of of all people, including impoverished black people, to organise freely and to live without fear and intimidation.

Date published: 04-13-2017
Solidarity Appeal against Tokyo Homeless Eviction
Source: Various solidarity groups
Urgent statement of protest against the total enclosure of Miyashita Park in Shibuya Ward

Date published: 04-07-2017
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