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Out of Africa: Human Rights Habitat Struggles
From Africa to the World: Struggling for Human Rights to Housing, Land and the City
From heroes to villains: Brazil at risk of moving away from the New Urban Agenda
Call to support the mobilisation against a new presidential act that intends to dismantle the regulations for land regularization in Brazil.
Habitat III and the Right to the City – Why we need a new urban paradigm
The UN system will also need to tackle the current urbanization patterns and challenges, making the right to the city a key issue on the international agenda and not just something that is discussed sporadically, every twenty years.
Questioning the New Urban Agenda
The ‘Right to the City’: from Paris 1968 to Rio 2010
In the last decade, the right to the city has evolved as a powerful rallying cry in the struggle against the exclusionary processes of globalization and the commodification of urban space, and in conflicts over who has claim to the city and what kind of city it should be. Drawing on the work of Henri Lefebvre the vision of the right to the city has inspired a global social movement, legislative reform in Latin America, and international debates (eg: at WUF5 in Rio). Nevertheless, its content remains elusive and implementation is fraught with challenges. This paper critically examines the right to the city debate, and argues for a redefinition of the role of the local state and social actors in implementing the rights-based agenda that the right to city entails.
If Habitat III wants to uphold the right to housing, it needs to address financialization
The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU) participation in the European Regional Meeting of the Global Platform for the Right to the City in Barcelona 2-3th April 2016
Public Spaces and Right to the City: Barcelona paves the way towards Habitat III
RIPESS/Urgenci participation in the Europen Regional Meeting of the Global Platform for the Right to the City and Habitat III Consultation on Public Spaces in Barcelona 2-5th April 2016
They are Not “Informal Settlements”—They are Habitats Made by People
Cities are ecosystems of people, nature and infraestructure
The Inhabitants of Africas’ Contribution to the Right to the City
GPR2C African Regional Meeting Report
Homelessness is not just about housing — it’s a human rights failure
The Habitat III process is a key opportunity to undertake a bold goal: to commit to ending homelessness, including its causes, by 2030.

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