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They are Not “Informal Settlements”—They are Habitats Made by People
Cities are ecosystems of people, nature and infraestructure
The Inhabitants of Africas’ Contribution to the Right to the City
GPR2C African Regional Meeting Report
Homelessness is not just about housing — it’s a human rights failure
The Habitat III process is a key opportunity to undertake a bold goal: to commit to ending homelessness, including its causes, by 2030.
A Needed Cornerstone for Habitat III: The Right to the City
The Quito conference will offer a major opportunity to reformulate life in human settlements, and the Right to the City can help ensure that all can live with dignity in sustainable, democratic and just territories. Already, important such models exist.
Habitat III urged to prioritize ‘social regulation’ of real-estate markets
In open letter, 13 NGOs call for the New Urban Agenda to more directly address urban speculation, the social function of land and alternatives to private property.
Fractured Continuity: Habitat II to Habitat III
Women's land rights and Africa's development conundrum – which way forward?
Land rights play a crucial role in agricultural development and inclusive growth, but in many countries in Africa, women lose out from patriarchal legal and cultural traditions. How can these practices be changed to benefit everyone?
50 years of gentrification: will all our cities turn into 'deathly' Canberra?
The drive to make cities more ‘liveable’ means parks, plazas and happy pedestrians. But the reality is ever more sterile, identikit cities where public space isn’t public at all.
Chicago: Affordable housing advocates say proposal falls short
The rise of Poland's urban movement
Recent successes of Polish urban movement suggest that people are ready for a different way of practising democracy.

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