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No State Is Above the Law
As the situation in Rafah and elsewhere in the Gaza Strip further deteriorates, local and international human rights organisations deplore the inaction of the international community.
Israel and the Occupied Territories - Under the rubble: House demolition and destruction of land and property
More than 3,000 homes, vast areas of agricultural land and hundreds of other properties have been destroyed by the Israeli army and security forces in Israel and the Occupied Territories in the past three and a half years.
Christiania - the communal enclave founded out of the squatting movement in the early 1970s
Grass routes. The communal enclave founded out of the squatting movement in the early 1970s - regards itself as a "free state" within Denmark
El Londres de los sin techo
En la capital británica, una de las ciudades más ricas del mundo, decenas de miles de personas no tienen hogar. Además, según diversas organizaciones, más de 175.000 familias viven hacinadas en pequeños apartamentos, como en las peores páginas de Dickens.
Urban Poor Program
Agreement on what to do with the 19,000 urban poor families living illegally on the campus of the University of Philippines
Adverse Possession: How People Squat
Squats often take the form of community centers, as squats are often the result of community action. That article also explores the artificial concept of land ownership in detail, challenging the right of the few to take the land from the many, as well observing how violence is necessary to keep those lands from the masses.
Hundreds of thousands of unemployed tenants under pressure
The heavy debates on the introduction of the new law for the “support” of unemployed continues. Last December parliaments decided to cut the support for long-term employees and put it together with the social welfare.
Maximum profits through mass-sells out of rental homes
In 2003 the Viterra AG, the biggest German landlord, improved its profits by 17,2 % to 289,8 Mio. Euro. Main reason was the sell of over 11.000 flats for industrial workers in the Ruhr district.
Human Settlements Caucus Statement
The NGO signatories to this statement, representing civil society organizations working at community levels around the world, have committed to support the recommendations of Agenda 21 (1992), HABITAT II (1996), and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation
HIC on Wold Habitat Day 2004: Cities Engines of Rural Development
For the international organisations during the past 30 years, the topic of the city has moved from being completely abandoned to being seen as the only engine of development. Change came about along with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Indeed, in 1996, the United Nations II Conference on Human Settlements was renamed the Summit of the Cities, relegating the problem of rural habitat, where a half the world’s population live in increasing eviction.

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