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Sustainable Housing Microfinance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Turning Loans into Homes
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Regional workshop on sustainable housing microfinance hosted by Rooftops Canada, the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (a division of the FinMark Trust), and Habitat for Humanity International held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 12-15 April 2010
Author: Rooftops Canada/ Abri International

This is a compilation of resources on Housing Microfinance. Much of the material is available in the public domain. The documents are organized in the following folders. Some files are posted in more than one category.

Accion International

  • Bridging the finance gap - Accion's experience withh Guarant (download here)
  • Building the homes of the poor one brick at a time (download here)
  • Develpoing housing microfinance products in Central America (download here)
  • Getting to scale in Housing Microfinance (download here)

African Union of Housing Finance

Case Studies and experience

  • CLIFF Annual Review 2007 (download here)
  • CHF International presentation at SEEP Confernece Oct. 2006 (download here)
  • Financement traditionnel du logement social - Cameroun (download here)
  • Housing Microfinance Experience - WAT Human Settlements Trust (download here)
  • Impact of HMF in Dar es Salaam - three case studies (download here)
  • Kuyasa fund - Some Key Issues in Housing Microfinance (download here)
  • The Challenge of Financing Sanitation for Meeting the Millen (download here)
  • The role of housing fi nance in addressing the needs of the urban poor: lessons from Central America (download here)
  • Traditions in Housing Finance in Southern Cameroon (download here)
  • Trip report-Mwanza Rural Housing Program (download here)
  • Zimbabwe - Low income housing finance - post independence experiences, prospects and policy implications (download here)

CGAP Working Group on Housing Finance for the Poor

  • CGAP HF Working group newsletter - Jan 2007 (download here)
  • CGAP HMF - Challenges for Housing Finance (download here)
  • Helping to Improve Donor Effectiveness in Microfinance - Donor Brief, August 2004 (download here)
  • Housing Finance and Guarantees - Acumen Fund (download here)
  • Housing Finance and Remittances - Habitat for Humanity (download here)
  • Housing Finance for Slum Upgrading - UN Habitat (download here)
  • Leveraging the Private Sector - Shore Bank (download here)
  • Subsidies and Housing Finance for the Poor - DIG (download here)
  • SIDA - Terms of REference for adivsor to CGAP working group (download here)

Cities Alliance - Shelter Finance for the Poor series

  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-FUNHAVI 2002 brief (download here)
  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-FUNHAVI 2002 full (download here)
  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-Kenya 2003 brief (download here)
  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-Kenya 2003 full (download here)
  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-Micasa 2002 brief (download here)
  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-Micasa 2002 full (download here)
  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-report 2002 (download here)
  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-SEWA Bank 2002 brie (download here)
  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-SEWA Bank 2002 full (download here)
  • Cities Alliance-Shelter finance for poor-Synthesis 2003 (download here)

FinMark Trust

 Habitat for Humanity International

  • Capitalizing Housing for the Poor: Findings from Five Focus Countries (download here)
  • Nepal - Save & Build Community Housing Program - Evaluation (download here)
  • Habitat for Humanity Tech Brief - Building on a Foundation of Savings (download here)
  • Habitat for Humanity - Housing Microfinance, Brochure (download here)
  • Habitat for Humanity Vietnam Partnering with MFIs to Improve Housing for the Poor (download here)
  • Poverty-Focused Housing Microfinance:  Case Studies from Haiti, Rwanda and Vietnam (download here)

HIV AIDS, Risk  and Microfinance

  • The unpaved road ahead: HIV/AIDS & Microfinance - An Exploration of Kenyan Credit Unions (SACCOs), July 2002 (download here)
  • A Risk Management Framework for Microfinance Institutions - GTZ (download here)
  • Case study: Mitigating Risk in African Credit Unions Serving HIV/AIDS-affected Communities (download here)

Housing Microfinance Background

  • Financing housing for the poor - background note (download here)
  • Global Urban Development Magazine - Transforming Urban Markets for the Poor through Collaborative Entrepreneurship (download here)
  • Housing Microfinance: Current issues, opportunities and challenges (download here)
  • Housing Microfinance Initiatives - Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa with Selected Case Studies (download here)
  • Key Issues in Housing Microfinance (download here)
  • Mainstreaming Housing Finance - June 2000 (download here)
  • SIDA- Housing Microfinance 2004 (download here)
  • Housing Finance Roundtable – Moving Forward: How to Reach Scale? (download here)

Housing Microfinance Organisational promotional materials

  • MicroEnergyAlliance Pilot Short Presentation (download here)
  • Ashoka - Housing for All Brazil (download here)
  • IBAL  iBT presentation (download here)
  • Lifetime Products EcoHousing Initiative, Kenya 2010 (download here)
  • Commercializing Housing Support Services Through Housing Microfinance - A case study of Microhousing Africa Limited (download here)

Rooftops Canada


Training manuals and tools

  • Kuyasa Fund Employee Orientation Course - Housing -Learner (download here)
  • Kuyasa Fund Employeer Orientation Course - Housing -Trainer (download here)



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