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HIC Executive Committee Position Description
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Author: HIC GS

HIC Position Descriptions

HIC Executive Committee


HIC Missions



HIC-Executive Committee


HIC-Executive Committee





Advocacy for recognition defence and full implementation of housing rights

§ Whistle Blower

§ Think Tank

§ Influencing housing policies and habitat agendas

§ Summing forces in WSF spheres

- Attend Board and General Assembly Meetings

- Be a support to the Board and General Secretariat

- Provide feedback on the positioning of main global habitat issues

- Coaching HIC spokesperson team



Strengthening  the people’s processes for a place to live in dignity

§ Articulating members´ experiences

§ Articulating actions with allies

- Is up-to-date on HIC Matters

- Further implements decisions made by the board

- Attends events and campaigns of allies

1.     Events/campaigns of allies attended?


Consolidating the Coalition

§ Cultivate HIC identity

§ Permanent evaluation

§ Management of the Coalition


- Influences HIC decisions by providing expertise and support.

- Ensures the execution of Board decisions

- Ensures the execution of Board decisions in collaboration with the President and General Secretariat

- Attends HIC structures’ meetings and supports their fund-raising.

- Forms proposals and recommendations of the board


1.     Meetings of HIC regional/thematic structures attended.

2.     Number of fundraising initiatives of HIC regional/thematic structures supported.

3.     Number of board decisions formed into proposals and recommendations by the Executive Committee.



- Overall:

Covering all the functions


- Plan agenda for the assembly and board

- Participating the entire year in HIC Board related and/or defined activities and commissions

- Providing support to the Board, President and General Secretariat year round.

1.     Number of times the Executive Committee has met this year (teleconference calls or formal meetings).




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