Habitat International Coalition
Global network for the right to habitat and social justice
HIC General Secretary Position Description
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Lines of Intervention, Responsibilities, Services and Activities
Author: HIC-GS

Position Description of the HIC General Secretariat           

HIC / Lines of Intervention

HIC-GS / Responsibilities

HIC-GS / Services/Activities

Advocacy for recognition defence and full implementation of habitat rights

  • Be at the cutting edge of habitat issues
  • Coordinates global campaigns
  • Coordinates HIC declarations
  • Represents HIC at international civil society networks
  • Coordinates advocacy at UN-Habitat and other habitat-related international bodies

  • Provides fund raising and coordination of global projects
  • Coordinates resources for global campaigns and researches opportunities for international projects
  • Articulates the main global habitat issues
  • Permanently updates the habitat key terms
  • Attends WSF-IC commissions and meetings
  • Coaches HIC spokesperson team
  • Collects and disseminates HIC declarations
  • Coordination of the process towards gender mainstreaming in HIC
  • Relation with ONU

Strengthening people’s processes for a place to live in dignity

  • Supports Urgent Appeals
  • Is in permanent contact with HIC members
  • Seeks/provides support from and to the Coalition's members
  • Bridges actions with other networks
  • Registers HIC in United Nations system

  • Calls for letters to express solidarity and denouncements
  • Daily contact with HIC members, answering questions, orienting their inquiries to HIC structures and other members
  • Develop special site section promoting exchanges among HIC members
  • Provides basic information about HIC to new members; provides certificates to active members and friends
  • Attends allies’ events and participates in their campaigns
  • Creates a membership data base with on-line services and documentation of all members
  • Processes membership applications, requests the corresponding HIC structures for their endorsement and informs the Board
  • Provides administration of HIC members’ contributions/fees

Consolidating the Coalition

  • Supports the General Assembly
  • Executes Board decisions
  • Provides accountability of the Coalition
  • Provides coordination among HIC structures
  • Manages membership
  • Acts as the Coalition’s legal representation
  • Manages resources
  • Coaches elections in HIC structures

  • Is in permanent contact with HIC President
  • Functions in coordination with Focal Points and Board members, promotes decentralised General Assembly meetings
  • Provides coordination of the agenda, minutes and follow-up of the Board and General Assembly meetings, as well as virtual consultations
  • Executes Board decisions with support of the Executive Committee
  • Applies the by-law for the election of HIC President
  • Attends HIC structures’ meetings and supports their fund raising
  • Functions in coordination with HIC regional and thematic structures for membership management
  • Provides roster of HIC board members
  • Produces the HIC Annual Report, flagship publication
  • Coordinates HIC structures’ annual plans and reports
  • Organizes the HIC global meetings, contents and logistics
  • Fund raising for global activities related to projects

  • Management of HICademy
  • Annual audited accounting
  • HIC-News and other communication tools
  • Media database
  • Translates HIC documents into 3 languages (English, Spanish and French)
  • Updates HIC registration in the Netherlands
  • Fundraises for operational costs
  • Updates HIC status at ECOSOC and UNDESA Quadrennial Report

HIC-GS / Nov. 2012

Habitat International Coalition
General Secretariat