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HIC at the World Social Forum 2015
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The World Social Forum (WSF) will be held in Tunis, Tunisia, from 24 to 28 March 2015. The WSF 2015 will be held at a crucial time for the social movements that want more justice, freedom and solidarity. The aims and guidelines chosen consider the political, social and economic changes in Maghreb-Mashreq, and on the African Continent, and of the ecological and economical worldwide crisis. The identified aims are only indications to a better support of all of those crucial questions, and to promote the convergences and the building of alternatives.

Alongside with the WSF, and taking advantage of the presence of many Coalition members in Tunis, HIC will hold various institutional activities, including the Board meeting (21 and 22 March) and the General Assembly meeting (23 March).

We would like to invite all individuals, organisations, movements and collectives to participate in the activities that HIC, its Members and will organise during the World Social Forum.

More information:

1. HIC activities

HIC Agenda of activities at the WSF 2015

Call to take part in the World Social Forum and the World Assembly of Inhabitants

2. Logístique


To have access to the FSM venue in Tunis, you must do your registration individually.


Information on visa and nationalities is available here. Where a visa is required, participants are strongly advised to apply as early as possible.


In order to facilitate the search of your accommodation within the WSF 2015, the Organizing Committee selected for you several types of accommodation in Tunis, Hammamet, Nabeul and Bizerte.

* To see the list of hotels, click here.

HIC's staff will stay in Hotel du Parc:

Hotel du Parc

Address: Avenue de l'Arabie Saoudite - BP 230 1002 Túnez
Telephone: +216 71 903 722
Fax : +216 71 909 403 / +216 71 908 365
Email : info@hotelduparc.com.tn
Website: www.hotelduparc.com.tn

General Assembly

Date: Monday March 23, 9am-2pm

Location: Hotel du Parc, avenue de l'Arabie Saoudite - BP 230 1002 Tunis, Tunisia

WSF venue

Tunis University El Manar- University Campus Tunis
B.P. n° 94 - ROMMANA 1068, Tunis
Tel : +216 71. 873 .366

Fax: +216 71.872.055


To see the map on google, click here.
To download the map, click here.

WSF venue:
To see the map on google, click here.
To download the map, click here.

Map from the hotel to WSF venue:
To see the map on google, click here.
To download the map, click here.

Airport Transfer

If you arrive by way of the Tunis airport, a taxi will be the only transport available to get to the inner city. The trip takes about 15 minutes if there are no traffic jams.
The price of a taxi ride from the airport to downtown is about 5 dinars during the day, and 10 dinars between 9:00pm to 5:00am (nighttime fare, "tarif de nuit”). Ideally you should always ask for the meter to be turned on. If the driver doesn’t want to, which is often the case, you should negotiate a price beforehand.


The Tunisian currency is the dinar (DT or TND). 1 Euro is currently valued at around 2.2 dinars and US$1 is worth 1.8 dinars. 1 dinar is divided into 1,000 millimes. Changing your money into dinars can be done upon arrival at the airport, at banks (closed Saturdays and Sundays) and at hotels. It’s also possible to withdraw dinars from ATM’s with a credit card. Major credit cards such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard are widely accepted at big shops and tourist hotels.
It is possible to reconvert dinars (in banknotes) before departure, which can be done by showing your exchange receipt at the same establishment where you made the exchange in the first place.

**Please note that there is a 30 TND exit stamp that must be purchased prior to going through passport control when leaving Tunis. This stamp can be purchased at travel agencies or at the Bank/money exchange counter at the airport.

3. Documents

Concept note for the World Social Forum 2015 in Tunis


Habitat International Coalition
General Secretariat