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Press relesase: Global Platform for the Right to the City in the 13th World Social Forum
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Participation will support the popular initiative in the New Urban and Habitat Agenda


The Global Platform for the Right to the City, through the organizations involved in it, will participe on the 13th World Social Forum (WSF) at the University of Tunis (Tunisia), from 25th- 27th March. The organization will join the meetings against land grabbing and privatization of water, food sovereignty and Palestine rights.

Nelson Saule Jr., general coordinator of the Instituto Pólis, one of these organizations, says the event will contribute to strengthening the global debate on the right to the city and it is a preview of the issues that will be discussed at Habitat III (Conference on Housing and Urban Development UN sustainable) in 2016.

"The participation of the Global Platform for the Right to the City in the WSF aims to promote dialogue and cooperation with the members of the organizations, forums and urban networks. The goal is to present and discuss the proposal of the Global Platform for the Right to the City, developed at the International Meeting on the Right to the City in São Paulo. It is important an international popular initiative containing some actions, targets and indicators on this right to be included in the New Urban and Habitat Agenda ", said Saule Junior.

The Global Platform aims to join the international agenda on the guidelines governing the Right to the City - including topics such as democratic management of cities and ensure the exercise of civil, political, economic, social and cultural in the urban context, as well the responsible and sustainable management of natural resource (natural, energy and historical).

Also, the purpose is support the collective work of international organizations and the protagonism of civil society, as social movements, NGOs, universities and the government (both the regional and international spheres) in the UN system (Organisation United Nations).

In the WSF, the Global Platform will discuss the resolutions contained in the World Charter for the Right to the City built the World Social Forum in 2005.

"The document has been a source of inspiration for many organizations, movements and urban forums in their forms of action, mobilization and social struggles in cities across the world. Also, it will be essential for the building and dissemination of the Global Platform initiative the holding of regional and national meetings that contribute to strengthening movements, forums and networks that are promoting local and national actions related to the right to the city, as the Second Meeting Preparatory - PrepCom III Habitat in Nairobi, on 13th and 17 thApril; II Latin American and Caribbean Forum on Adequate Housing and City in Monterrey, Mexico (5th-8th May); and the VI World Forum of Cities for Human Rights in Gwangju, South Korea (14th- 18th May).

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