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HIC Publication. Habitat I, Habitat II, Habitat III
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This publication was launched at the HIC General Assembly held in Quito, during Habitat III.
Author: Habitat International Coalition


This publication brings together several articles on the Habitat Conferences (Vancouver 1976, Istanbul 1996 and Quito 2016) produced by Habitat International Coalition (HIC) during the 1976-2016 period. We hope they will serve as a reference for Members, Friends and HIC Partners for the Habitat III conference and in the near future. We also include the HIC historical overview and the statement on Habitat III preparations signed by 146 networks, civil society organizations, movements, research centers and individuals from 35 countries. We take this opportunity to invite Members, Friends and HIC Partners to send your contributions for the forthcoming publication on HIC presence at Habitat conferences, which will also serve to celebrate these first 40 years of struggles for the rights related to habitat.

HIC General Secretariat

Index of contents

1. HIC History 1976-2016

2. From Vancouver 1976 to Vancouver 2006

3. Declaration of civil society on Habitat III preparations

4. HIC Basics: Restoring Human Rights and Habitat to the Habitat III Process and the New Habitat Agenda.

5. Habitat III’s Seven Deadly Sins of Omission

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