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New publication from India: Bengaluru's Continuing Inequity - An Eviction Impact Assessment of Ejipura/Koramangala
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Author: Housing and Land Rights Network (Delhi), Fields of View and Forum against EWS Land Grab (Bengaluru)

Published by Housing and Land Rights Network (Delhi), in collaboration with Fields of View and Forum against EWS Land Grab (Bengaluru), this report documents the long-term impacts of a forced eviction in the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) settlement of Ejipura, Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore).

​In January 2013, the city government of Bengaluru forcibly evicted over 1,500 families from Ejipura/Koramangala – without due process and without providing any alternative housing, resettlement, or compensation. Given reports of state apathy and the continued suffering of the evicted persons, HLRN, Forum against EWS Land Grab, and Fields of View, conducted a primary research study—using HLRN’s Eviction Impact Assessment Tool—to determine the real extent of the losses and costs incurred by the community as a result of its forced eviction.

​This report presents the findings of the study while documenting the current living conditions of the affected community. It also makes recommendations to the Government of Karnataka to provide immediate restitution to the affected families, to guarantee the human right to adequate housing, and to prevent further forced evictions.​

The report can be downloaded here.
A press release on the launch event is available here.
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