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Alternative Report on Africa
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A report for Africa by Africa. Intellectuals, activists and citizens gathered around the Alternative Report on Africa have the ambition to overthrow the sordid and economicist visions conveyed on Africa. AROA intends to be a key initiative that will repair-correct the methodological approach, areas and issues addressed, and deepen and diversify indicators and measurement, but above will be a place where philosophical and ideological analysis on Africa will be reversed.

 Africa is considered by the international community as a huge deposit of natural resources, but a weak link in the power networks that rule the world; a continentfor ever assisted and ridiculed, Africa also has its Afro pessimists from within, or from its Diaspora, who are using more and more cultural, psychological, social arguments, to explain its so-called «rejection of development1 », and further lock the continent into vicious circles of poverty. Even though, more recently, international institutions and more and more Western media are expressing more positive views regarding the continent’s progress, its growth rates in a context of global economic crisis, and its comparative advantages, those views are still tinged with condescension and doubt


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