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G13 House Occupation
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10-06-2007 / 10-06-2007
A New Youth House

Press release, the 24th of Aug.

We are going to move into our new house on Grndalsvnge all 13, the 6th of October. Were not hiding that, for this action, we are, amongst others, inspired by this summers succesful protests at the G8 summit in Rostock, Gremany. Here Tens of thousands of demonstrators succeded in blocking the roads to the summit area.

Already two years before, activists declared how, where and when they wanted to block the summit. This way, tens of thousands of demonstrators managed to get through the police lines. We have learned that preparation pays off states Astrid from g13`s press group.

Our outspokenness surprices a lot of people. The police declares to Politiken (major newspaper) on the 13th of Aug. that they hold that we are bluffing. usually they are not that nice, states Flemming Steen Munk, spokesman for the police. Unfortunately we are going to disappoint him.

When we are open about our plans of action, its not to be nice, but a strategic choice. It will make it harder for the police and politicians to criminalise our struggle for a new ungdomshus(youthhouse) states Astrid from G13`s press group.

G13 has been proclaimed as the culmination of the movements autumn offensive, and already now 500 activists are involved in the preparations.

G13`s press group can be contacted on tel: +45 50282250 or email: presseG13@gmail.com On www.aktionG13.dk you can read the basis for G13 and a lot more.

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