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Mini-courses on land value capture and land management (Cape Town, South Africa)
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Cape Town Lodge, Buitengracht Street. Cape Town, South Africa
10-14-2010 / 10-16-2010
The activity are preceded by DAG’s National Conference entitled "Re-imagining the City: A New Urban Order" taking place from 11 to 13 October, 2010

The Development Action Group (DAG) is hosting five Land Value Capture and Land Management Mini-courses in collaboration with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Rotterdam. The mini-courses will be presented by international and local experts with experience in urban land management and land value capture from Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, North-America and Africa.

Government, particularly local authorities, are facing increasing levels of urbanization, informality and economic inequality, and at the same time, dwindling municipal finances which hamper government’s ability to address these challenges.

In order to successfully deal with urban development challenges, it is important that consideration be given to the use of innovative regulatory and fiscal instruments and strategies to enhance municipal finance and to use land efficiently. The mini-courses aim to stimulate discussion and learning, and to consider alternative fiscal and regulatory instruments available to government officials and other role players dealing with matters of land management, land value creation, infrastructure development, informality, revenue generation and administration, as well as broader urban development issues. These instruments, already being successfully implemented in many countries worldwide, can be used to deter unfair land use practices and allow for more effective regulation of land markets.

Additionally, DAG will host an Evening Seminar and Debate on Thursday, 14 October from 6.30pm on Municipal Finance: Increasing Municipal Revenue through Innovative Value Capture, also at the Cape Town Lodge. The Evening Seminar is free of charge, and participation in the mini-courses is not a prerequisite for attendance.

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