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HIC-HLRN Hosts Land Forum III in Cairo
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Cataract Pyramids Resort - El Haraneya ,Sakkara Road, Giza
01-15-2012 / 01-17-2012
The third edition of the Middle East/North Africa Land Forum will take place on 15-17 January 2012

HIC-HLRN Hosts Land Forum III in Cairo

You will want to know that HIC-HLRN will host Member organizations, experts and activists in Cairo on 15–17 January 2012 for the third edition of the Middle East/North Africa Land Forum. This session’s theme, "The Land, People’s Sovereignty and Self-determination,” reflects the region’s changing governance landscape. While previous iterations of the Land Forum also have focused on the human rights dimensions of land and natural resources, this New Year will build on the capacity of the region’s civil society to contribute to local, regional and global policy reforms by advancing the research and advocacy agenda. The participants will share experiences from Algeria, Egypt, Iran (Ahwaz), Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan (Darfur and Nuba Mountains), Syria, Tunisia, Western Sahara and Yemen. As in previous sessions, participants in this third Land Forum articulate the common issues across the region to pursue rights and responsibilities of citizens within states undergoing transformation.

The Land Forum participants’ contributions have directed the third session program. It focuses on practical implementation of the human rights framework to land and natural resources in cases of (1) land grabbing and real-estate corruption; (2) ongoing constitutional, legislative and policy-reform processes (3) situations of conflict, occupation and war; (4) the urban context; and (5) processes developing and applying relevant international norms. The Land Forum III seeks to consolidate civil efforts and commitments to develop the human rights dimensions of land in these fields--with gender equality and decent work principles--over the coming biennium.

See the HIC-HLRN website for a background to the Land Forum and the current Land Forum III program (English versions).

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