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Social Production of Habitat Forum 2014
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Maison de Associations, Savoises 15 street, Geneva, Switzerland
10-02-2014 / 10-04-2014

At the occasion of the World habitat day, the Swiss NGO urbaMonde, in the framework of its partnership with Habitat International Coalition and other organisations, proposes several workshops and reflections on the theme of Social Production of Habitat that is considered an efficient alternative to the deteriorating habitat conditions of millions of people across the globe. Beyond the recognition that the urbanization of the world is advancing at an accelerated pace, it is essential to consider and acknowledge the fact that the inhabitant produce and shape their own habitat through complex processes demonstrating their creativity and capabilities. This mode of production of urban spaces is present in many countries, and implemented sometimes at a large-scale, constituting therefore practices that deserve to be highlighted in order to develop alternatives both in the Global South and North.

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