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London. DSA meeting: Interrogating the New Urban Agenda
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Room 121, Institute of Development Studies, Library Road, Falmer BN1 9RE, London, UK.
07-04-2016 / 07-04-2016
With the participation of Álvaro Puertas, HIC's General Secretary

Hosted by International Institute ofEnvironment and Development (IIED), The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU) of UCL and Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Detailed Agenda

The DSA Urbanisation and Development Group invites researchers and practitioners to a day workshop to discuss and interrogate the recently released Zero Draft of the New Urban Agenda, which is set to shape discussions at Habitat III in Quito in October. This event will provide an opportunity to identify gaps in the Zero Draft and also to re-frame certain issues.

The workshop will start with provocations from key actors involved in the Habitat III discussions so far, reflecting on the extent to which the three ‘Transformative Commitments’ in the Zero Draft embody a truly transformative agenda. Then participants will divide into groups and continue the debate by interrogating particular themes identified in the Zero Draft of the New Urban Agenda. The day will end in plenary that will provide the building blocks for a response from the DSA group in advance of the Third Preparatory Committee Meeting for Habitat III at Surabaya later in July.

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