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Portland. Nature of Cities Summit: Exploring Paths to Collaboration on Green Cities
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Oregon Zoo, 4001 Southwest Canyon Road. Portland, OR 97221
04-26-2017 / 04-26-2017
With the participation of Lorena Zárate, HIC President.

Intertwine Alliance partners The Nature of Cities, The Bullitt Foundation, Urban Greenspaces Institute and Portland State University Institute for Sustainable Solutions are teaming up for the Nature of Cities Summit: Exploring Paths to Collaboration on Green Cities. The event will feature a group of 23 green city luminaries from around the world for an afternoon of presentations and small group discussions, followed by a happy hour.
Space is very limited; tickets range from $15 to $30, with early-bird registration available through Friday, April 7.
The summit is part of a three-day event, April 25-27, during which the international delegation will work with a group of local leaders to explore the potential for an international symposium on the "nature of cities” in 2018.
Themes will include: adaptation to climate change and green infrastructure, equity and inclusion, governance across jurisdictional boundaries, creating university and community partnerships, and sustaining green city building over time.

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