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Nairobi. Side event: Promoting inclusivity through an adaptive settlements planning model in Kenya
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United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) in Gigiri, Nairobi
05-12-2017 / 05-12-2017
Mazingira Institute's event at the 26th Session of the Governing Council: ‘Opportunities for the effective implementation of the New Urban Agenda’


The present constitutional order in Kenya has rejuvenated urban inequality concerns having raised communities’ expectations through the promise of reversal. Informal settlements, while home to majority urban citizens, exhibit exclusion in an increasing order as urbanization grows accentuating social dysfunction and stretching the resilience of these communities. In the wake of this, devolution in Kenya has brought with it a new wave of urban integrated development planning that offers an opportunity for more appropriate recognition and integration of the informal settlementsin the development planning. Practice has however revealed that the existing conventional planning approaches inhibit the desired integration of informal settlement planning into the urban plans. It is against this background that a government partnership with civil society organizations in Kenya has been working with an "Adaptive Settlement Planning Model - ASPM” to navigate the conventional planning barriers and promoteadaptability of informal settlements as special planning zones. This event will serve to share lessons and experiences from this process.

Relevance to the GC26 theme:

The event is aligned to sub-theme 3 on ‘integrated human settlements planning for sustainable urbanization’. The emphasis in this context is on empowering poor and vulnerable urban citizens with an appropriate tool for negotiating their inclusion in the urban integrated development plans. The event is organized under the auspices of the Kenya Civil Society Habitat III Caucus in partnership with Directorate of Physical Planning and coordinated by Civil Society Urban Development Platform.


Share lessons and experiences from the Adaptive Settlement Planning Model as a community tool for inclusive settlement planning in Kenyan Urban areas

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George Wasonga

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