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Call to participate in HIC African Events
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Nairobi. Kenya
10-08-2017 / 10-14-2017
As part of the plans to reinforce the Coalition in the African region, HIC will hold a Regional event in Africa, a HIC Human Rights Habitat Observatory workshop and HIC annual General Assembly, in October this year in the Africa region. All HIC members, friends and allies are invited to participate.

After a consultation with HIC Members and Friends regarding the preparations and possible location for our events in Africa, the following proposals were received (in alphabetical order):

· Afrique Solidarité A.I.S.E.D. / Dakar, Senegal

· Development Workshop - Angola / http://www.dw.angonet.org / Luanda, Angola

· Femmes Côte d'Ivoire Expérience / http://www.fciex.org / Abidjan, Ivory Coast

· Mazingira Institute / http://mazinst.org / Nairobi, Kenya

· Zimbabwe People's Land Rights Movement / Harare, Zimbabwe

All of them expressed their interest to host the events and have shared useful information. The HIC General Secretariat is very grateful for these contributions.

The following criteria have been used to assess the possible locations:

· Must count with local support from HIC Members and Friends;

· Must be reachable for local HIC Members and Friends and also for those travelling from other African countries;

· Should facilitate networking opportunities with other networks and initiatives;

· Should facilitate interaction with local, national, regional and global bodies;

· Should be a major African HUB to facilitate international travel for those travelling from outside Africa.

After this assessment, we have proposed Nairobi (Kenya) to host the events since it complies with all the above-mentioned requirements. Nairobi will also host the coordination meetings of the Global Platform for the Right to the City which will with an estimated participation of 50 people from different African countries and other continents. This is a great opportunity for networking and also for sharing expenses since some of the participants will attend both block of events, HIC and GPR2C (see proposed schedule below). Nairobi facilitates interaction with UN Habitat and also with local and national authorities, thanks to the strong local network of HIC Members and Friends.

These events are hosted by Kenyan HIC Members Mazingira Institute (Davinder Lamba) and Pamoja Trust (Steve Ouma).

This is a first schedule proposal; we expect a very high participation and we hope that the dates will suit you all:

We invite all HIC members, members and allies to participate in Regional event in Africa, HIC Human Rights Habitat Observatory workshop and HIC General Assembly.

Please confirm you participation sending an e-mail to: gs@hic-net.org


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