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Hamburg. Right to the City: A Transatlantic Roundtable
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Hamburg. Germany
12-01-2017 / 12-03-2017
HIC and the Global Platform for the Right to the City will be represented by Lorena Zárate.

Based on Henri Lefebvre’s 1967 manifesto, the "Right to the City” movement has mushroomed into formal organizations across the globe, calling for equitable housing, access to public space, and a redefinition of citizenship. For the past five years, the "Right to the City” roundtable (co-organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung—New York Office and the Right to the City Alliance) has offered an opportunity for housing activists and policy advocates to share transatlantic perspectives, strategize, and create solidarity in real time.

This year’s roundtable will boast its largest number of participants and is ambitious in its programming, covering issues ranging from the rise of the right, race and migration, and the role of international activist networks to the democratization and de-commodification of housing. The gathering takes place in Hamburg, which has its own storied history of urban struggles. During several field trips, participants will meet with migrant, housing, and cultural organizations throughout the city.

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