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WUF9 Side Event. Global models for safe and secure homes: learning form World Award winners
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11:30-12:30 pm, Room 406. WUF 9, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center
01-08-2018 / 01-08-2018
World Habitat's event at the World Urban Forum 9

Hear from the 2017 World Habitat Award winners about how their housing solutions have made a positive impact to thousands of people’s lives.

Post-Haiyan Self Recovery Housing (Philippines): helps communities self-recover and rebuild their own homes and livelihoods after the world’s largest typhoon hit in 2013. (Project run by CARE Philippines and implementing partners)

Mutual Housing at Spring Lake (USA): provides seasonal agricultural workers in northern California with energy efficient permanent year-round homes and empowers residents with new opportunities in education and community life. (Project run by Mutual Housing California.)

The World Habitat Awards are organised annually as a collaboration between World Habitat (formerly Building and Social Housing Foundation) and UN-Habitat to identify and celebrate the most innovative and sustainable practice in housing, with a particular focus on helping low income and vulnerable groups. These have, over the years, included projects working on issues such as eliminating street homelessness, developing affordable housing solutions through women-led movements, establishing safe homes in contexts of conflict, community-led slum upgrading, innovation in post-disaster reconstruction, housing focused on and driven by marginalised populations, and more.

During this event, people directly involved with the award-winning projects (Post-Haiyan Self Recovery Housing and Mutual Housing at Spring Lake) will explain how their work has contributed to solving housing issues. They will also outline what transferable lessons can be drawn from stakeholders working to deliver the New Urban Agenda and SDGs.

Attendees will learn about how the projects have been carried out to deliver inclusive housing, the impact on the communities they work in, and how these lessons can be replicated. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions, share observations and discuss experiences and challenges.

We hope to see you there!

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