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CIDOB in conversation with Lorena Zarate about new municipalism and the Right to the City
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CIDOB, sala Jordi Maragall, Elisabets 12, 08001 Barcelona
05-22-2018 / 05-22-2018
An interesting conversation with our President, Loreza Zarate, and Gerardo Pisarello, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona City Council, around the topic: "New municipalism and the right to the city, the challenges of an urbanized world."

Organized by CIDOB, an independent and plural think tank based in Barcelona

The right to the city is a political flag that has been claimed for several decades by civil society in different regional contexts (especially in Latin America). It advocates for a new urban paradigm based on the principles of social and spatial justice, equality, democracy and sustainability. After decades of mobilizing civil society, the narrative has attracted the interest of other actors, such as central and local governments, city networks and multilateral organizations such as the United Nations.

It has even been recognised in the New Urban Agenda (Habitat III). What does the right to the city translate into? Is it a political demand that expresses the utopia of certain urban groups that want another possible city? Or is it a programmatic instrument that allows us to move towards fundamental transformations for a change in the current urban model?


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