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Translocal Pedagogies in Planning Education for Urban Equality
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DPU@Senate House, Room 403 (4th floor), Malet Street, London, UK, WC1E 7HU
01-10-2018 / 01-10-2018
Does planning education have the capacities to address urban inequality? This workshop will provide an opportunity to interrogate the role of translocal learning, critical pedagogies, and situated practices in the quest for re-framing urban planning education.
Understanding planning as a governance field demands that planning education for urban equality engages with issues of re-distribution, parity of participation, and the recognition of a wide range of often invisible actors. Hence, it requires approaches to co-learning and the co-production of knowledge at different scales and with a wide range of actors. However, planning education currently falls short of achieving these demands. Its inadequacy manifests through a persistent quantitative deficit of planning schools across in cities of the global South, outdated curricula as well as the dominance of top-down approaches to physical planning.
The workshop aims to facilitate an exchange of ideas and experiences for innovative practices and pedagogies that have the potential to transform current planning education through providing more responsive learning environments and strengthening capabilities to address urban inequality.
The discussants include Adriana Allen (The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL), Elaine Unterhalter (UCL Institute of Education) and Lorena Zárate (Habitat International Coalition).

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