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"From the Ground Up // À Nous Les Quartiers"
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Centre Canadien d'Architecture (CCA)
04-12-2019 / 04-14-2019
Join in the awakening of a community movement for housing justice, direct democracy, and a solidarity economy.
"From the Ground Up // À Nous Les Quartiers"With the participation of HIC President, Lorena Zárate.

Property prices are rising at a faster rate than revenues and the cost of living. Tenants are being evicted from their housing by owners that are transforming their property into condos in order to make even greater profit. Entire neighbourhoods are being gentrified at the expense of local populations and small businesses.

But is this displacement inevitable, or can citizens indeed seize power and ownership and gain the necessary skills to autonomously determine their collective destiny?

This visionary international conference is organised by the citizens of Milton Parc and solidarity economy pioneers and is affiliated with theMilton-Parc Citizens’ Committee (MPCC), which fought for the creation of what is now the largest community housing project on a community land trust in North America. The collectiveFrom The Ground Uphas been created as a citizen-led educational project to renew our vision and broaden our collective ambitions for community control.

After various successful events over the last year, we invite you to a three day conference! Speakers from across North America are expected, such as Saki Hall (Cooperation Jackson, Mississippi), Lorena Zarate (President of Habitat International Coalition, Mexico City), Protec-Terre, and the first meeting of a new Canadian network of community land trusts for housing. We are looking for introductory and advanced workshops, and also brief presentations. We also welcome the proposals for cultural activities (games, tours, etc.), artistic activities (music, exhibitions, etc.), and performances. Go for it!

Examples of questions 

Share your experiences, knowledge, or academic research

How can we fight or prevent real estate speculation? How do alternative models work and where are they? What collective stewardship is relevant to indigenous and/or rural lands and communities? What are the processes, challenges, and practices (political, legal, organizational, activist) involved in advocating for the collective ownership of land, building and extending a fairer, freer, and more responsible community life? Why create and manage a cooperative democratic enterprise rooted in its community? How is development organized and planned at the scale of a project, a co-op, acommunity, a neighborhood, a municipality?

What to propose:

Presentationssuch asdiscussions, analysis of socio-economic issues and new challenges,reports of work-in-progress, existing experiences andsolutions (duration: about 10 to 30 minutes)

Workshops (general, practical or technical training):such as discussions, analysis, coachingon community project management, training onstart-up, mentorship on project development. (30min to 1h15)
It is also possible to suggest speakers for the plenary panel discussions.

Cultural Initiatives:You can offer interactive arts (or community) workshops, such as theatre, music, comedy, performances, card games, children's activities, documentaries, or stories.

Honorariums: We intend to offer honorariums to low income speakers, artists (etc.) if our budget allows it. If you are a person on a low income, please note this in your application.

Solidarity Travel Fund:A solidarity travel fund will be available to help organizations from out of town attend.

Selection Criteria
The selection committee will attempt to include as many proposals as possible to meet its objectives and to welcome a diversity of communities. For the workshops, we favor those that involve public participation.

How to submit a proposal

  • Send us anemail at ftgu@anouslesquartiers.cawith theobject: "Call for contributionName of your organisation OR personalname"
  • Include yourphone number.

  • Present your proposal inmaximum 250 words.

  • Specify your availability during the weekend of April 13-14.

Note that your proposal and activity may be in French or in English.
(a real-time translation service is planned.)

  • The deadline is Tuesday, March 26, 2019. (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

Proposals will be considered by the programming committee.
You will be informed of the decisions before March 30, 2019.

The programme for the weekend of the conference

For more info visit the website opf the event: www.anouslesquartiers.ca


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