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Afro-Descendent Communities Bring Petition Against Brazil under International Labour Organisation Indigenous Rights Mechanism, for Systemic Violations of Land Rights
The Geneva-based Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) provided legal support to the organizations. The Communication was presented in September to the International Labour Standards Department of ILO in Geneva.
COHRE: Bulletin on Housing Rights and the Right to the City in Latin America, third edition
This edition provides articles on the Constitutional Reform of Ecuador (by Gerardo Pisarello); the Urban Land Committees and the land regularisation process in Venezuela (by Ada Colau); and an analysis of the new law for territorial regulation in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (by Graciela Dede), among other items of interest.
UN-HABITAT Global Land Tool Network E-Forum
The UN-HABITAT Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) has launched an online discussion to identify a set of criteria that will ensure that large scale land tools address the realities that women face in their daily lives and that these tools include women in their development and implementation.
Indonesia : Another eviction took place in Jakarta
The eviction was carried out by 5000 troops consist of Jakarta Public Order Officer (Satpol PP) and convoyed by the police officer. The troops equipped with hard tools managed to evict 6000 poor people who has live there, on the land sized 26,5 hectares, for the last 3 years.
European and international solidarity campaign for the Collettivo Sottotetto housing project in the Compagnoni quarter of Reggio Emilia, Italy
One of the most important projects engaged in fighting against the social dismantling of this area, the Collettivo Sottotetto, is in danger.
National Training Seminar on the Right to Housing in Chile
Community leaders gathered in Santiago, Chile to learn and share experiences on the struggle to secure the right to housing.
COHRE condemns threatened demolition of housing and mosque in Israel
The Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions today condemned the demolition order for a community mosque and three other residential buildings in Wadi Al Na’am an unrecognized Bedouin village in the Negev/Naqab, southern Israel.
Fat-rent-parties in Zurich
There is less and less affordable housing in global cities like Zurich - poor and middle class people are slowly been pushed out of the centre. Since april 2008 the activist group urban.lab is partying fat-rent-parties against fast growing rents.
COHRE Bulletin on Housing Rights and the Right to the City Latin America
Second edition of its Bulletin on Housing Rights and the Right to the City in Latin America.
Civil society organizations propose the implementation of the “Right to the City” to Latin American and Caribbean housing and urban development authorities
95 Latin American housing and human rights organizations join together to emphasize the importance of implementing the concept of the “Right to the City” in Latin American urban policy at the XVII MINURVI Assembly being held this week in El Salvador.

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