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World Habitat Day 2012
  No more profit! Uphold human rights to housing and land
UN-Habitat’s call to “change cities, build opportunities” on World Habitat Day 2012, is clearly inspired only on the dominant neoliberal discourse, and alludes that cities are the engines of growth. In contrast, Habitat International Coalition (HIC) insists that habitat issues are -above all- related to social justice, human dignity, and the realization of human rights, especially the rights to housing and land. The world is currently in the middle of a new phase of capitalist crisis that affects the lives of millions of families and communities.

In the sections below, HIC presents the Tribunals of Evictions and Land Grabbing (along with 18 cases presented during the Tribunal) held in front of the Urban Social Forum (USF 2) at the beginning of September in Naples and in Geneva at the end of September. Also, the section Activities hosts the various initiatives of HIC Members to commemorate World Habitat Day, as well as the Documents section.
Tribunal on Evictions Activities Documents
  •  Rally Poster: Angola
  •  Rally Poster: Azerbaijan
  •  Rally Poster: Brazil
  •  Rally Poster: Burkina Faso
  •  Rally Poster: Cambodia
  •  Rally Poster: Egypt
  •  Rally Poster: Honduras
  •  Rally Poster: Japan
  •  Rally Poster: Germany
  •  Rally Poster: Italy
  •  Rally Poster: Mega-events
  •  Rally Poster: Monocultures
  •  Rally Poster: Mozambique
  •  Rally Poster: Peru
  •  Rally Poster: Portugal
  •  Rally Poster: Mexico
  •  Rally Poster: Spain
  •  Rally Poster: Turkey
  •  Sign the Statement by social organizations on the preparation of the third United Nations Conference on Sustainable Housing and Urban Development (Habitat III) under the 2014 World Habitat Day

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