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Situation of housings and tenants in Togo
Government took varieties of steps to curb the problems and challenges of housing in Togo, the principal among which is the provision of social housing for the urban poor, this has however, failed to proffer solution to the national shelter deficit.
Spain warned over construction boom
The United Nations has officially warned Spain that its "uncontrolled building programme" is excluding 25% of the population from owning their own homes, mainly due to the high prices.
Campaign for a Blueprint to End Homeless in Toronto
The Wellesley Institute has launched a Blueprint to End Homelessness in Toronto - part of an ongoing initiative to focus on housing solutions.
Have we made any progress since Vancouver 1976?
Josse van der Rest, s.j. Director, SELAVIP
¿Qué necesitan las políticas de vivienda?
Por: Josse van der Rest, s.j Director de SELAVIP
REITs [Real Estate Investment Trust] create rental refugees
How US REIT AIMCO deals with renters: In their coalition agreement, the Berlin grand coalition basically advocated for stock market speculation via introduction of tax-free German Real Estate Investment Trusts, also known as REITs. But delegates of SPD’s [Social Democratic Party] left wing cry foul now. REITs could result in losses of trillions and create the destruction of Germany’s social housing structures. In the US, REITs make money by turning renters into refugees and by demolishing [mostly] HUD subsidized apartment complexes.
German Parliament stops Housing Support for Young Unemployed
Germany.- Federal Parliament reduces welfare incomes for young unemployed adults and decides not to give subsidies for rental housing if they leave parents' housholds without agreement of the local labor welfare offices. By this change of the “Hartz IV” legislation many young unemployed adults will have no legal chance to found their own household.
German Tenants' Perspective on Privatization of Housing
Housing is the basis for participation in the political, social and cultural life. And housing creates the conditions for peaceful coexistence of a multi-cultural society in the cities. Therefore, besides accommodation we are also speaking about active neighbourhoods and vital city districts. The market by itself is unable to organize the right to housing. The market is socially and ecologically blind. Public control in housing policy therefore is indispensable. Housing policy is and remains a political task at the level of state and municipalities.
Social Housing in Russia
According to the Housing Privatisation Law almost 50% of the national housing stock was privatised. The majority of Russians have very few chances to improve their housing conditions in near years. But the most painful position the homeless refuges and forced migrants have.
Report on equality between women and men
While addressing very important issues of equality on the labour market does not deal with other very key issues such as ensuring a gender perspective in economic policy, trade or development cooperation policy.



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