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Urban Poor Program
Agreement on what to do with the 19,000 urban poor families living illegally on the campus of the University of Philippines
The housing problem of “those with a roof”. 25 years of lessons of Neo liberal social housing policies in Chile
The public financing mechanism –housing subsidy funded by state budget–, has facilitated the construction of over half a million social-housing units. These turnkey units have been built on urbanised plots, housing in ownership.
Privatization and globalization of rental housing in Germany
Tenants associations and trade unions are lobbying for conditions which will regulate privatisations of the flats.
Israel and the Occupied Territories - Families torn apart by discriminatory policies
Thousands of Palestinians are being denied their fundamental right to live as a family by an Israeli law that is due for review at the end of this month.
Human Settlements Caucus Statement
The NGO signatories to this statement, representing civil society organizations working at community levels around the world, have committed to support the recommendations of Agenda 21 (1992), HABITAT II (1996), and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation
China's Land Law: An Overview
Since all land in the People's Republic of China ("PRC") belongs to the state, corporate entities and individuals are not permitted to own land although they may own the property above the land.
European Parliament adopts written declaration on ending street homelessness
Parliament adopted a written declaration calling on the Council to agree on an EU-wide commitment to end street homelessness by 2015. The declaration calls on the Commission to develop a European framework definition of homelessness, gather comparable and reliable statistical data, and provide annual updates on action taken and progress made in EU Member States towards ending homelessness.
USA Tenants Win Victories in 2008 Housing Budget!
Now that the dust has cleared on the 2008 housing budget for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), its clear that the National Alliance of HUD Tenants in the USA and its allies have won some major victories! But USA tenants have more work to do to avoid mass displacement and loss of housing in 2008.
(ENG) USA Tenants Win Victories in 2008 Housing Budget!
(ENG) HUD Tenants Rally in Fens - Call for full Sec. 8 Funding



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