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The State of Housing Rights
World Habitat Day 2004 in the Middle East/North Africa.
Reports focus on human rights
Miloon Kothari said on Saturday after a four-day consultation with representatives from nine regional countries very little was being done at national level to raise the status of women.
Regional Consultation on the “Women’s Right to Adequate Housing and Land” in Middle East/North Africa
The main purpose of the consultation was to advise the UN Special Rapporteur and provide testimonies on women’s housing and land rights issues across the region, and to generate guidance for States on how to meet their housing and land rights duties.
Privatization and globalization of rental housing in Germany
Tenants associations and trade unions are lobbying for conditions which will regulate privatisations of the flats.
No State Is Above the Law
As the situation in Rafah and elsewhere in the Gaza Strip further deteriorates, local and international human rights organisations deplore the inaction of the international community.
Women and the Right to Adequate Housing: Connections and Strategies Forward
In his 2005 Report on Women and Adequate Housing the Special Rapportuer notes “the prevalence of certain cultural norms that deprive women of their rights to land, inheritance and property, which in turn prevents them from accessing their right to adequate housing.” The interconnections between land and housing, the extent to which women’s right to adequate housing is dependent on the right to adequate land, and the impact of custom and culture on women’s access and ownership to housing and land were most evident in the testimonies given by local grassroots women at the Pacific Regional Consultations in October 2004.
1,000 million people of the world do not have a decent home, is that the price of globalization?"
The process of economic globalization that the world lives in and the institutions that direct the progressive deterioration that they are going through -both developing countries such as those in the south- responsible for the policies of protection and the impulse for housing, says Miloon Kothari to the Forum´s "141 questions" (105).
World Zero Evictions Day
Campaigns, Solidarity and Justice for Secure Housing and Land Rights
Forward to the European States General for the right to housing
A European States General (EGSH) preparatory meeting was held in Bobigny (France) on February 2nd with about sixty people from various countries in attendance. A technical secretariat was set up. This text sets out the confirmed fixtures which will be held at the European parliament in Brussels, on November 5th and 6th, 2007
Advocating the HRAH: Techniques, Experiences and Opportunities



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