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CSD-13 Must Translate Rights Into Action
Milestones and mobilization by people and civil society organizations towards a liveable planet for all.
People-centered Tsunami relief and rehabilitation
Recommendations from affected communities, professionals and NGOs in Asia
Tsunami Thailand: The SECOND WEEK - from Somsook Boonyabancha
This unfortunate tragedy has added severely to the issues which most of the fisher-folk in Asia have faced for years: the most important being the insecure and weak land tenure status of most of the low income settlements along the coast.
Tsunami News from Asia's Urban Poor Networks
Find updates from our friends in Asia - from the urban poor community networks and supporters in: http://www.achr.net/
Tsunami Relief Appeal - South Asia
To raise funds to meet relief and rehabilitation needs
Global Rights Coalition Urges US to Change Course at UN Summit
The US government should drop its opposition to action on climate change and poverty reduction at this week’s UN summit in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the leading global network of housing rights advocacy groups urged today.
For the Social Control of Urban Land Use
Land consumption by urban expansion and traffic facilities is one of the main reasons of environmental degradation worldwide. The indiscriminate access to land, on the other hand, is a strategic prerequisite for the provision of adequate housing for all.
Drinking Water Crisis in Pakistan and the Issue of Bottled Water
A case study edited by the Swiss Coalition of Development Organisations and ActionAid Pakistan
Our friend, Wardah Hafidz is to receive Gwangju Human Rights Award!
HIC Board Member internationally awarded
South Africa: No more fires! No more evictions! The poor assert their right to the city!
the residents of Foreman Rd are resisting the opportunistic illegal demolition of their homes by government after they experienced one of the most devastating fires of any informal settlement in the last few years.



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