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Urban Austerity: Impacts of the global financial crisis on cities in Europe
Organized by the Institute for European Urban Studies Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Hermann Henselmann Foundation and sponsored by the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation.
Call to contribute to the World Map of Urban Habitat
UN stresses positives of urban growth with new tool to track city prosperity
Cities should be seen as drivers of economic growth and human development, says report published at World Urban Forum
HIC Member Fundación Salvadoreña de Desarrollo y Vivienda Mínima (FUNDASAL): winner of the Dubai International for Best Practices 2010
New Urgent Action Appeal protesting harassment of homeless people in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward
Updates and detailed explanation of the situation
HIC in the Social Urban Forum, Ação da Cidadania, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 22-26 March 2010
Two World Urban Forums, Two Worlds Apart
A conversation about upgrading at Bang Bua
An exchange between an international team of professionals who are struggling to find ways to support community-driven upgrading, and a group of community people who are actually doing it.
New rental guidelines target discrimination
The urban poor's vulnerability to the impacts of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean - A policy agenda
Lucy Winchester and Raquel Szalachman (ECLAC/UN)



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