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Quick statement for the follow up of Multi stakeholder consultation with the EU
CSD 13 must deal with implementation and commitments on concrete action.
HIC at the International Human Rights Day
Vowing that “another world is possible” for the 1.2 billion people with inadequate housing and more than 100 million who are homeless, and decrying the realities of war and forced evictions, Habitat International Coalition (HIC), reaffirms the human right
HIC in Europe
Unione Inquiline suspended its activities as Focal Point and a regional committee was formed committed to building HIC in Europe
Global Rights Coalition Urges US to Change Course at UN Summit
The US government should drop its opposition to action on climate change and poverty reduction at this week’s UN summit in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the leading global network of housing rights advocacy groups urged today.
Latin American Women speak out about their Access to Adequate Housing
AWID Interview to Maria Silvia Emmanuelli.
Call for Papers: Privatisation in the housing sector
To exchange information and build ties between initiatives, housing organisations and academics to be able to act more effectively against neoliberal policy in the housing sector.
For the Social Control of Urban Land Use
Land consumption by urban expansion and traffic facilities is one of the main reasons of environmental degradation worldwide. The indiscriminate access to land, on the other hand, is a strategic prerequisite for the provision of adequate housing for all.
International Land and Housing Rights Day, 2004
Are the Cities “Engines of Rural Development” or “Machines that Suck in the Rural Population and its Economic Surplus”?
Regional Consultation on the “Women’s Right to Adequate Housing and Land”
The main purpose of the consultation was to advise the UN Special Rapporteur and provide testimonies on women’s housing and land rights issues across the region, and to generate guidance for States on how to meet their housing and land rights duties in a
HLRN hosts regional consultation on the right to adequate housing
The subject and purpose of the regional consultation is “women’s right to adequate housing and land.” The consultation will take place in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina over four days (23–26 July 2004)



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