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Water Logging in Dhaka after heavy Rainfall
Record rain in Dhaka inundates streets, hampers commuting, education, trade; 8 electrocuted; bus, ferry services disrupted
Popular strategies against evictions and displacements in historic urban centres
Vol. 2: Europe
Rupert Pilot Project. A self-Help and Community Rehabilitation Project in Canada
Poor people are not a threat to social order The real threat comes from attempts to expel them from the city
In Harare, we are beginning to see a slower and legislated version of Operation Murambatsvina, the notorious Operation Drive Out Trash, which drove street traders and shack dwellers out of the city.
Towards less ecologically damaging patterns of urban development
There is an urgent need to combine developmental concerns with local and global environmental concerns in urban areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America, especially around: i) much improved provision for water, sanitation and drainage; ii) transport and land use management that keep down the costs of land for housing and ensure settlement patterns that are less dependent on private car use; and iii) residential developments that rely far less on carbon-based fuel for heating or cooling.
Call for Solidarity: Freedom for civic leaders and democracy in Zimbabwe
700.000 people have been evicted in full winter conditions, but the total figure could reach 1.5 million out of a population of around 12 million inhabitants, 300,000 children forced to abandon school. In the first days there were riots which led to the arrest of about 46.000 people and the murder of several, children included.
Situation of housings and tenants in Togo
Government took varieties of steps to curb the problems and challenges of housing in Togo, the principal among which is the provision of social housing for the urban poor, this has however, failed to proffer solution to the national shelter deficit.
Advanced MSc in Urban Planning at Darmstadt University
The new and interdisciplinary postgraduate Master Course (MSc.) "International Co-operation and Urban Development' at Darmstadt University (Germany) will start in April 2007
Karachi's development and the principles of urban planning
To overcome problems created by massive rural-urban migration, industrialisation, increased trade, a phenomenal rise in the number of vehicles, and their related environmental and socio-economic repercussions, Third World cities and governments have invested huge amounts in planning and in development projects.
London Olympic Housing Impacts
There is currently a multifaceted crisis in housing supply, particularly of affordable social housing. This has arisen from decades of the privatisation of the existing social housing stock combined with gross underfunding of new building. Into this crisis comes the Olympic games ‘gentrification’ effect to compond the crisis at the poor end. But agencies dealing with the homelesss are currently trying desperately to deal with another unplanned- for effect of the ‘enlargement’ of the housing market. Read the document " Probable impacts of the Lower Lea Valley Developments (particularly the Olympics phase) on tenants in privately rented accommodation," prepared from research by Martin Slavin.



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