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Women and babies dragged by French police during a housing protest
A video has emerged showing French police forcibly removing migrant African women with infants during a protest over housing near Paris. At one point, a woman and her baby are dragged screaming along the ground
Call for Co-presenters for a panel on governance and the provision of gender-sensitive essential services in low-income communities for the Third International Conference on Women’s Safety, November 22-24, 2010, New Delhi, India
Call for 2010-2011 Projects
SELAVIP's call is open to a wide range of proposals that address acute housing problems in the cities of developing countries
Application to the international exchange visit to the 'Caprichando a Morada’: Living well is part of human dignity
Information on an upcoming international exchange visit to the 'Caprichando a Morada’ programme of the COOPERHAF rural housing cooperative. The exchange visit will be carried out in Portuguese, with translation to English and Spanish
A conversation about upgrading at Bang Bua
An exchange between an international team of professionals who are struggling to find ways to support community-driven upgrading, and a group of community people who are actually doing it.
Invitation to the Assembly of Social Movements, Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 19, 2010
People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. In Cochabamba
Statement on the attacks on Abahlali baseMjondolo in Kennedy Road, Durban
Immediate and decisive intervention by the state is needed to stop the violence
ANDHA Chile stages a campout by the Mapocho River, demanding that the government forgive their mortgage debts
Nearly one hundred people from ANDHA Chile set up camp on the bank of the Mapocho River in downtown Santiago on May 7th, demanding that the government cancel their mortgage debts.
New York for Sale Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate
Regional Workshop on HIV, AIDS and Housing
Rooftops Canada in collaboration with Mazingira Institute/ SINA hosted a four day Regional Workshop on HIV, AIDS and Housing in Nairobi, Kenya from 23rd to 27th February, 2009.



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