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Report on HLRN's Urgent Action System
In response to HIC Member demands over the years, HLRN fulfilled its promise to establish an Urgent Action system (UAS) as a mechanism to address housing and land rights violations through collective HIC mobilisation. However, member use and participation in the Urgent Action System is very weak. In order to be as effective as its envisioned potential, the system requires member participation.
Urgent Action Appeal: Philippines, Manila urban poor against government plans
In 2002, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo proclaimed for the residents the 56 hectares of land that make up Baseco. This means the area was declared “open for distribution to the actual occupants”. The government now wants to use the 56 has. for commercial purposes and intends the families to move to a ten-hectare site to be still reclaimed near Baseco in Manila Bay.
Urgent Action Appeal: Jakarta
Urgent Action Appeal: Sri Lanka: Tsunami victims threatened with homelessness
COHRE's statement to urge the Government of Sri Lanka to take note of the plight of residents of the above transitional shelter sites
Urgent Action Appeal, Haiti: Forcible eviction of peasant families, Artibonite
In 2004, 1200 Haitian peasant families were violently evicted from their lands in the Artibonite department. Today evicted families live in a precarious situation and do not have adequate housing or access to resources to feed themselves.
Urgent Action Appeal: Mosul Dam, Iraq: Millions of Iraqis at risk from collapse of Mosul Dam
House/community demolitions, forced evictions, dispossession, deprivation of the means of subsistence
URGENT ACTION: Peasants arrested and threatened due to their struggle for land in Colombia
In the region Magdalena Medio, the peasant association Asociación Campesina Valle del Río Cimitarra (ACVC) is facing repression. At the end of September 2007, its leaders were detained. The Peasant Reserve Area (ZRC) in the Cimitarra Valley, created in December 2002 and withdrawn in 2003 comprises over 25 thousand peasants in a process of comprehensive development and human Rights defence. Source: Via Campesina and FIAN
Protest letter to the French Government against repression against the 4 DAL Activists
Source: Teodoro Anana - Urban Poor Associates (email: ewatch21@yahoo.com)
URGENT ACTION: No-Vox network requests your support for the homeless in struggle to hear their claims
The No-Vox network support the actions all around the world against the evictions, demolition districts and against speculation of the land and the house, in this international campaign!
URGENT ACTION: Violence against and harassment of Dalit villagers involved in peaceful protest in India
The villagers of Kolathur have been subjected to police violence and harassment and have had false charges of a serious nature brought against them. Source: World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT)



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