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New Housing and Land Rights Violations Map 2007–2009
HIC-HLRN has produced it annual map of global violations
Selavip calls for 2009-2010 projects
The urban poor's vulnerability to the impacts of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean - A policy agenda
Lucy Winchester and Raquel Szalachman (ECLAC/UN)
Water Logging in Dhaka after heavy Rainfall
Record rain in Dhaka inundates streets, hampers commuting, education, trade; 8 electrocuted; bus, ferry services disrupted
Urban poverty and vulnerability to climate change in Latin America
This paper considers who within the urban population of Latin America is most at risk from the likely impacts of climate change over the next few decades
Questionnaire on Climate Change and the Right to Adequate Housing: the experience of affected communities
HIC has prepared a brief questionnaire to gather information, data and cases from civil society and communities. We hope that responses to this questionnaire will serve as reference material for the Special Rapporteur’s assessment of the impact of climate change and related phenomena on the fulfilment of the right to adequate housing.
UPLINK's documents about post-tsunami reconstruction
Jury of National Peoples’ Tribunal on Post-tsunami Rehabilitation Strongly Condemns State
The Jury of the National Peoples’ Tribunal on Post-tsunami Rehabilitation expressed its strong condemnation of the poor status of rehabilitation of tsunami survivors across the country.
Integrated People-Driven Reconstruction in Post-Tsunami Aceh: winner 2008 of Dubai International Award for Good Practices
Urban Poor Linkage (UPLINK), an Indonesian HIC member, won the Dubai Award 2008
New Orleans: ACORN Katrina Recovery and Rebuilding Campaign



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