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URGENT ACTION: Condemn Bloody Oct 3 demolition in Karachi City in Pakistan
A bloody forced eviction incident took place last October 3 in Karachi City two days after UN-Habitat and governments observed World Habitat Day. Source: EWATCH
Request for Urgent Action and Solidarity dealing with Human Rights Defenders
We urge you to distribute this report as widely as possible, so that it is available for everyone use on Habitat Day (1 October 2007) as the situation of human rights defenders is increasingly more precarious.
Update about Urgent action against Evicted and Left Homeless, Jakarta, Indonesia
Eviction will take place on August 4th: all letters must be sent NOW.
Thousands to be Evicted and Left Homeless, Jakarta, Indonesia
These violations require your urgent action. Source: HLRN
Andrej Holm thanks his supporters
On August 14 2007, HIC GS launched an Urgent Call to Action to protest agains the arrest and incarceration of Dr. Andrej Holm and three others on the basis of allegations that the four belong to a "terrorist militant group"
Jordan Valley, occupied Palestinian territory: Israel's ethnic cleansing program continues
House/village demolition, forced eviction, dispossession, use of force, deprivation of the means of subsistence and ethnic cleansing The disturbing news requires your urgent action.
Jordan Valley, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Palestine: Israel and parastatal institutions escalate dispossession of Palestinians
These violations require your urgent action. Source: HLRN
Egyptian security forces brutally attack and forcibly evict residents from blaze site
Joint Urgent Action Appeal
Illegal and fraudulent sale of the native land in Cambodia. Immediate support
The Indigenous Jarrai community have inhabited the land for over 2000 years. Here, the details of the case and the support letters and contact addresses to help this community
Urgent Action: Violent demolition of 141 poor families living under bridges in Manila
Yesterday some 200 demolition crews of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) backed by armed police escorts and armed men in civilian clothes demolished the shanties of some 54 poor families living under a bridge on the South Superhighway in Paco, City of Manila.



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