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Possible postponement of the World Urban Forum IV in Nanjing, China
As a result of the recent earthquake in China’s Sichuan Province, the Ministry of Housing and Construction of China (MHCC) which is host to the Fourth session of the World Urban Forum, and which is keen for a successful event, has suggested a possible postponement of the meeting. This is so that it (MHCC) can concentrate on humanitarian relief operations as a matter of priority to ensure that the populations affected are properly sheltered before the onset of next winter.
(ESP) Apoyo Solidario a los Cooperativistas del Centro Histórico de San Salvador
Climate and Cities
A Call for Papers
(ESP) Palabras de Resumen de la Ceremonia a Cargo de Víctor Ramírez Preseident del Instituto Nacional de la Vivenda
Día Mundial del Hábitat 2007
(ENG) Lançamento do site da UMMSP
(ENG) Another City is possible - Press Statement by Knut Unger
Statement by Knut Unger, Habitat Working Group at German NGO Forum Development and Environment for Press Conference with MISEREOR 2007/09/27
(ENG) Creating A Common Global Space Of Solidarity For Urban Social Movements
This is an appeal for the unity of urban social movements which strive to give concrete expression to economic, social and cultural rights, as well as housing rights in particular. It is launched by the organizations and networks of inhabitants, co-operatives, tenants’ unions, community centres, original populations and committees for housing rights all over the world. Please, read and sign the appeal!
(ESP) Declaracion Nacional Por La Reforma Urbana en Argentina
Urban Movements at G8 ACTION WEEK 2007 in Rostock
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Return to Vancouver: Between Pending Commitments and New Ideas and Social Practices. Speech by Enrique Ortiz
Speech performed for the Open Plenary Session of the III World Urban Forum



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