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Update information on Honduras Urgent Action
Update information about the violence committed by the Government of Honduras against local peasants
Honduras: Repression of peasants, Vallecito/Colón
Urgent request for solidarity in regards to the violence recently committed by the Government of Honduras against local peasants
New Urgent Action on the state of Oaxaca, Mexico
The Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights, along with several other human rights organizations, sends this new call for Urgent Action in response to the latest assault by Federal Police Forces, against the Oaxacan movement.
State of Siege and Grave Human Rights Violations in the City of Oaxaca against Pacific Resistance Movement
India Urgent Action Appeal
New threat to the indigenous peoples of India - Withhold the proposed amendment to India's EIA Notification
Cambodia-authorities evict 1,000 families to make way for private development
The Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) has received disturbing news from Cambodian organization, The Community Legal Education Center, of mass evictions occurring in the Bassac area (Group 78) of Phnom Penh. Your URGENT action is requested.
Israeli incursion into Gaza: mass evacuation of innocent people
The Israeli occupation forces are forcing the Palestinian residents on the eastern border of Gaza to evacuate their homes, residents are forced to head westwards towards the areas between Rafah and Khan Younes.
Stop Karachi City Government from evicting poor people
A massive demolition drive against informal settlers is taking place in Karachi City in Pakistan. The city government calls it an anti-encroachment drive to beautify the city. It will demolish more than 20 villages or informal settlements which will net for the government some 450 acres of prime urban land.
5,000 Houses Demolished in Mumbai
Slums Set on Fire and Forced Eviction of Thousands: Multiple Human Rights Violations. The Coordination Office of the Housing and Land Rights Network of Habitat International Coalition (HIC-HLRN) and its regional South Asia office in Delhi request your URGENT intervention in the following situation in India.
El-Hurriah Dwellers go on a Hunger Strike to defend their Housing Rights
The Egyptian Center for Housing Rights has kept track of the latest events witnessed in Port Said city, which have led 23 families to have come into a sit-in before the faculty of education, located at Mohamed Ali Street in Port Said, and been on a hunger strike since Thursday 23/3/2006.



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