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  • Social Production of Habitat / People's housing process
Community Based Solid Waste Pilot Project in Luanda's Musseques
Peruvians redevelop their inner-city settlement
El Augustino Zone III
High-rise management and low-rise self-build co-operatives
Centro Co-operativista Uruguayo
Rebuilding homes and community confidence in rural Indian villages
Village Reconstruction Organization
Indonesians participate in inner-city settlement improvement
Kampung Banyu Urip
Renters take over and transform and Indian slum settlement
Ganeshnagar, Poona
Young people develop their community in Senegal
From marginality to citizenship
38 cases of social production and management of habitat
People-Centered Production, Upgrading and Management of Housing and Human Settlements
Social Production of Habitat
Low-income Peruvians build a new township
Villa El Salvador



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