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  • Housing and Environment
Regional Cross Analysis of Case Studies: South Asia
Urban Community Waste Management
A Sub-Saharan Region Study
Management of Urban Environment. A Study on Post-Plague Initiatives of Surat Municipal Corporation
Still Waiting: Housing Rights Violations in a Land of Plenty
The Kobe Earthquake and Beyond
Depleting Groundwater Levels and Increasing Fluoride Concentration in Villages of Mehsana District, Gujarat, India: Cost to Economy and Health
Project Report
Community Based Solid Waste Pilot Project in Luanda's Musseques
Philippino squatters become secure home owners
Saarland Village I
A low-cost sewer system by low-income Pakistanis
Orangi Pilot Project
Post-Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation: A Violation of Human Rights
Report of a Fact-Finding Mission to Tamil Nadu, India and Sri Lanka
Human Settlements, Environment and Development
HIC Perspective



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