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Urgent Action: La Parota Dam, Mexico
TOMÁS CRUZ ZAMORA of the community of Huamuchitos, Bienes Comunales de Cacahuatepec, was murdered on 18 September by Cirilo Cruz, after participating in an Assembly of communal farmers and rural residents opposed to the construction of the Parota Dam, held in the municipality of Acapulco, Guerrero.
Zimbabwe: Unprecedented call for UN and AU action over evictions by 200 rights groups
As the human rights situation in Zimbabwe steadily deteriorates, with more than 300,000 now evicted from their homes by the government and a UN Special Envoy appointed to investigate the destruction and evictions, a coalition of more than 200 African and international NGOs today issued an unprecedented Joint Appeal to the United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU) to help the people of Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe evictions: joint statement
A joint NGO statement on the Zimbabwe evictions was launched today at press conferences in four African cities: Harare, Johannesburg, Lagos and Windhoek. The statement was signed by 212 African and International NGOs and it calls upon the United Nations and the African Union to take effective action to prevent and redress the mass forced evictions in Zimbabwe. The call has been widely picked up by mainstream media.
United Nations Rights Experts Appeal To Israel On House Demolitions
The Special Rapporteurs of the Commission on Human Rights on adequate housing and on the right to food issued the following statement today:
No State Is Above the Law
As the situation in Rafah and elsewhere in the Gaza Strip further deteriorates, local and international human rights organisations deplore the inaction of the international community.
Japon: The Shibuya mayor and Nike Corporation will convert a public park into a Nike Park that will mean forcibly evicting homeless people.
Sign the Statement of The Coalition to Protect Miyashita Park from Becoming Nike Park and send immediately to Nike and the Shibuya mayor. They want to submit the statement on July 9, the last day of the G8 Summit in Japan.
Brazil: Repudiation to the initiative of the Rio Grande do Sul State Higher Council of Public Prosecutions against MST
Call to Action Against Military Brigade which considers the Movement of Landless (MST) as a criminal enterprise.
Urgent Action notice of Amnesty International for Members of AMDH, a Member of HIC and HLRN
Fear of unfair imprisonment/ Prisoners of conscience
Stop attack on Uhuru Movement
(ENG) Forced Evictions in Luanda



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