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  • Producción social del hábitat
Argentinians secure tenure and develop their settlement
Villa Chaco Chico
Rural migrants gain secure housing in Mexico
Palo Alto Co-operative
Community based urban development in Ethiopia
Kebele 41, Redd Barna Project, Addis Ababa
Nueva Democracia Urbanization
Homeless and poor people mobilize a self-help project
The homeless people´s streetpaper
Bashku Unplanned Area Rehabilitation Initiative
Anatomies of a Social Movement
Social Production of Habitat in Middle East/North Africa
An Experience of Popular Habitat Production in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Towards Developing Responsible Co-Responsability in the Social Production of Habitat in Latin America
Local Governments and NGOs Based on the Case Studies in Latin America
The Case of the Deventer Neighbourhood Aproach



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