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EMERGENCY APPEAL to help the survivors of Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh
(ENG) UN housing expert reprimands Canada, calls for housing action
(ENG) Canada Reprimanded After Kothari's Housing Report Results
(ENG) URGENT ACTION: No-Vox network requests your support for the homeless in struggle to hear their claims
The No-Vox network support the actions all around the world against the evictions, demolition districts and against speculation of the land and the house, in this international campaign!
(ENG) Urgent Action: Harassment of Dalit Villagers, India
Burma: Member States of the UN must intervene
Reports have been pouring in that the Burmese riot police today used baton and tear gas. The demonstrators were reportedly beaten up while many were arrested. At least one Buddhist monk has been beaten to death by the riot police.
West Bank barrier change ordered
Israel's supreme court has ordered the government to redraw the route of the West Bank barrier near Bilin village, a key focus of anti-barrier protest.
(ENG) Urgent alert: Evicitons in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
On the scale of forced evictions around the globe, the current situation in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, would rank as relatively minor. But for the 100 or so people living in make-shift shelters in a homeless encampment who will be forced out of their tent city on September 15, 2007, the situation is urgent.
HIC concern about and protest against the arrest and incarceration of Dr. Andrej Holm and three others on the basis of allegations that the four belong to a "terrorist militant group"
Urgent Action Appeal
A call for the immediate action:
Release 23 South Korean hostages and withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan!!



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