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Urban Policies and the Right to the City: Rights, responsibilities and citizenship
The purpose of the joint research project Urban Policies and the Right to the City: Rights, Responsibilities and Citizenship, launched by UNESCO with UN-HABITAT in March 2005, is to contribute to meeting the MDGs and reducing poverty by identifying good practices and initiatives in law and urban planning that strengthen rights and responsibilities, interfaith tolerance, and the participation of women, young people and migrants in urban management.
R'Mel and Marins-Pecheurs integrated projects in Agadir's Inezgane commune
The Tanzania-Bondeni Community Lands Trust, Voi, Kenya
Collaborative Partnership to Improve the Low Income Neighbourhoods
Community construction Contract in Kandy
Housing Policy in Chile: Liberal Success - Roof for the Poor
International Conference « SPATIAL JUSTICE », University of Paris X, Nanterre, March 12-14-2008.
Spatial justice is the ultimate goal of many planning policies. This idea has held such way that some have even argued that planning and the search for spatial justice are equivalent . The diversity of definitions of “justice” (and of the possible “social contracts” that legitimate them), however, has meant that the political objectives of planning can be quite different and even contradictory. It has become essential therefore that the question of spatial justice be reopened and freshly debated.
Building Sustainable Communities; Housing Policies are the Driving Force*
Report on the Seminar of the European Housing Forum in Dublin, on April 18, 2007 By Katharine Coit (HIC Board member Europe)
A Report into 'How' and 'Where' the Cause of Justice was Defeated in the Referendum Draft Constitution of 2005 (Kenya)
Six key issues touching on the administration of justice that have been compromised in the draft of the Kenyan constitution. Keywords: Constitutional law, judicial administration, Human Rights, women's rights.
FEANTSA complaint against France for infringement of the right to housing
An important initiative by our European HIC member FEANTSA - European Federation of National Organisations working with people who are Homeless
Governmental Promises in Egypt
Once again, unimplemented governmental promises and laws El Hurreya farmers are gathering in front of the Ministry of Agriculture.



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