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HLRN Land Forum "The Human Rights Dimensions of Land in the Middle East / North Africa: Dispossession, Displacement and Development Alternatives"
COHRE Statement on International Women's Day, 2009
Women around the World Bear the Brunt of the Global Economic and Housing Crisis
Women's equal ownership, access to and control over land and the equal rights to own property and to adequate housing
Commission on Human Rights resolution 2002/49
Gendering Land Development Tool (GLTN)
Implementation of women's land, property and housing rights is often frustrated by the lack of effective gendered land tools. Here you can learn more about the GLTN and its gender perspective.
Land Consultation Clinic
CONGEH, a HIC member, has elaborated a guide to suggest a methodological approach for the creation and operation of Land Consultation Clinics (LCCs).
Women's Right to Adequate Housing, Land, & Livelihood - India National Workshop & Public Hearing
Cultural prejudices often limit women from managing their own property or that shared with their husbands. Inheritance by women is a sensitive subject and varies widely across religions and cultures.
Namibia moves to protect widows rights
The Namibian government aims to introduce a new inheritance bill to protect the rights of widows and children, who are often dispossessed of land and homesteads.
A Place to Live: Women's Inheritance Rights in Africa
This short book is written so that common women and men in Africa can read about women's rights to housing and land, and what COHRE and other people fighting for these issues think should happen to make things better for women. It includes references to African countries, international agreements on women's housing rights and a glosary of terms frequently used while defending housing rights.
Women's Right to Adequate Housing
While international and national laws increasingly recognize women’s right to adequate housing, considerable gaps still exist between such recognition and the reality of large-scale denial of this right. Study by the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, Miloon Kothari.
Reports focus on human rights
Miloon Kothari said on Saturday after a four-day consultation with representatives from nine regional countries very little was being done at national level to raise the status of women.



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