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  • Cooperativas de vivia
The 2014 Urbamonde International Forum on Social Production of Habitat starts tomorrow !
Join us Thursday October 2 at the Maison des Associations, Geneva
New Report on the Award-winning Program: South-South Cooperation
Land Forum II - Middle East/ North Africa
Application to the international exchange visit to the 'Caprichando a Morada’: Living well is part of human dignity
Information on an upcoming international exchange visit to the 'Caprichando a Morada’ programme of the COOPERHAF rural housing cooperative. The exchange visit will be carried out in Portuguese, with translation to English and Spanish
Non-Profit Co-operative Housing: Working to Safeguard Canada's Affordable Housing Stock for Present and Future Generations
Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada’s submission to the 2009 Pre-Budget Consultations
Selavip calls for 2009-2010 projects
Revolving Credit Fund for Cooperative Housing Finance
Tenement renters buy and rebuild their Mexico City homes
High-rise management and low-rise self-build co-operatives
Centro Co-operativista Uruguayo
Coralli Project: A Multicultural European Network for the Right to Housing



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