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Dear Members, Friends and Allies, Thank you very much. On behalf of Habitat International Coalition we would like to thank our Members, Friends and Allies for the great participation, good spirit and excellent willingness shown in the meetings undertaken last week in Nairobi. HIC's global struggles for social justice, gender equality, and environmental sustainability, and the defence, promotion and realization of human rights related to housing and land in both rural and urban areas...
Date published: 10-20-2017

Like about 70 percent of Haiti’s refugee camps, the residents here are on their own. Apart from water deliveries, they get nothing from the government and the massive humanitarian apparatus on the ground. No food. No jobs. And no news about their future

Date published: 01-14-2011
News Statement of Solidarity with the People of the Narmada Valley Press Release. A Modern-Day Genocide is Unfolding in the Narmada Valley Documents New publication from India: Bengaluru's Continuing Inequity - An Eviction Impact Assessment of Ejipura/Koramangala Events Pretoria. Partnership for Action: Improving Land Governance and Management in Africa H3 Webinar: Right to Housing - Homelessness and Forced Evictions Upcoming events Berlin. 2nd European...

Date published: 01-01-2011
News What should be new U.N. Secretary-General Guterres’s urban priorities? An invitation to enter the World Habitat Awards 2017-18 From heroes to villains: Brazil at risk of moving away from the New Urban Agenda USA: Tenants Mobilize for 2018 People`s Budget How will Mexico City pay for its new ‘right to the city’ guarantee? Press Release. HLRN Commends India Mission Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing UN report lays bare the waste of...

Date published: 12-31-2010
What seems to be an ongoing program of forced evictions and demolitions is unrelenting in Cameroon. Most recently, between 22 and 26 November 2010, the Pre-Sessional Working Group of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights held its meeting in order to compile a list of questions to present to the government of Cameroon in November 2011, when the Committee will examine the periodic report of Cameroon concerning its implementation of the Covenant on Economic, Social and...

Date published: 12-15-2010
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