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Date published: 06-19-2017

A new book, Cities for All, recently published by Habitat International Coalition, draws together thinkers and innovators in a compilation of case studies addressing the challenges of inclusive cities in the global South. The book seeks to articulate experiences of South-South cooperation and enhance the links between different regions. David South interviews the co-editor, Charlotte Mathivet.

Date published: 08-24-2010
Regional workshop on sustainable housing microfinance hosted by Rooftops Canada, the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (a division of the FinMark Trust), and Habitat for Humanity International held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 12-15 April 2010

Date published: 08-24-2010
3rd World Urban Forum, Vancouver, 2006

Date published: 08-20-2010
The campaign "Be careful with your vote" by the National Forum of Urban Reform (FNRU), will be launched this Saturday, August 21 morning at the Union of Workers of the Bank of São Paulo. The initiative aims to obtain a commitment from candidates for elected office in relation to urban public policies essential for more just, equitable and democratic Brazilian cities. If elected, candidates who are committed to the urban reform program must be responsible for...

Date published: 08-20-2010
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